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Language Books & Audio

The series that form the basis for core lessons are provided in volumes that are available in hardback form or as a digital eBook in PDF format. The content of the hardback and eBooks are the same, though the formatting differs.

If the teacher is already familiar with the language pronunciation, then a book in one of the available formats is all that is needed to teach the lessons using Charlotte Mason’s method.

For those who are not completely comfortable with the language pronunciation, accompanying audio files are available in MP3 format for purchase. The audio files supplement the books but do not replace the books.

A language cannot be taught using Charlotte Mason’s method with only the audio files.

Products by language

Each book can be used to teach English as a second language. All hardback volumes use a layout that has English on the left-hand page and another language on the right-hand page.

Choose the language you already speak, learn the series in that language, then move to the left-hand page to learn the English.

We provide English audio files to match each of our volumes–the English is mostly identical between volumes, but there are minor variations, e.g., names and sometimes the nouns in a series.