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Charlotte Mason Language Learning

Charlotte Mason routinely taught her students 3-5 foreign languages. She credited her students’ amazing success to the consistent use of a simple method. Our goal at Cherrydale Press is to provide books that are based on the actual books Charlotte Mason used in her curriculum; our method is her method.

The method and our books have been piloted in schools around the U.S., and teachers are enthusiastic about the results.

Charlotte Mason

Homeschooling mothers also report the method is easy to integrate at home and has students speaking the language quickly.

With Charlotte Masons method, the whole family can participate in learning new languages.

Charlotte Mason’s Language Learning Method does not match a traditional “scope and sequence” approach to language learning.

Instead, students learn series–a logical sequence of doing things–that allows students to narrate their daily activities in the new language.

The series introduce useful verbs such as opening and closing objects, running, walking, seeing and talking with others, observing the weather, counting, leaving the house, preparing lunch and even going on a picnic.

This method emphasizes learning verbs in order to make new sentences. It also emphasizes asking questions about the series. At the end of each series, students should brainstorm questions about the series and ask questions of each other and the teacher using as much of the new language as possible.

In this way, students are speaking the new language from the very first lesson. The method is very flexible and can be used at home with a single student or in a classroom.

Cherrydale Press currently provides language learning resources for Spanish, French, German, and Italian, and English as a second language.

Cherrydale Press also provides a number of teaching resources, and more are under development.