Charlotte Mason’s Language Learning Success

Charlotte Mason routinely taught her students 3-5 foreign languages. She credited her students’ amazing success to the consistent use of a simple method. Our language volumes are based on the actual books she used in her curriculum; our method is her method. Piloted in schools around the country, teachers are enthusiastic about the results. Homeschooling mothers also report the method is easy to integrate at home and has students speaking the language quickly.  Speaking Spanish with Miss Mason and François is now available in two volumes for ages 1st-8th grade.

Spanish audio files for Volumes 1 and 2 of Speaking Spanish with Miss Mason and François are now available for purchase and download. The audio files span all sections of both volumes.

A teaching guide, Teaching Languages with Miss Mason and François, is also now available as an ebook for purchase and download. The guide covers:

  • The process of teaching a language lesson, step by step, in a manner that is true to the method espoused by Charlotte Mason
  •  What Miss Mason brought to François Gouin’s method and how that makes a difference in the way we teach.
  •  Why this method is so effective, using quotes from Miss Mason and what we know today from  neuroscience
  • How Charlotte Mason approached language assessment
  • Some of Charlotte Mason’s ideas for taking the occasional change from series work

This guide does not provide individual lesson plans, but rather provides a road map for how to approach language learning.

Coming in very late 2013 or very early 2014: Speaking French with Miss Mason and François